Current Exhibition :: Fiber Arts “Warp, Weft, Needle & Thread”

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“Fiber Arts: “Warp, Weft, Needle & Thread”

Current exhibition at Boomerang: Fiber Arts exhibition – 16 artists and 74 artworks grace the walls of the over 300 linear exhibitions space, show remains open until Friday, March 28, at 9PM. Stop by and see the amazing works of local artists.

Fiber Arts:“Warp, Weft, Needle & Thread

Boomerang Fine Arts, 808 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660

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Barbara Kommer “Maze”


Barbara Neill “Triptych”


Sara Neal Kittelson “Folk Art Flowers”


Sally Sellers “House of Gold”


Leslie Relth “Tote – 2Cor 4:7”


Laurabeth Lamb 1800’s Sampler


Deb Spofford “Abstract Quilt 2”


Bonnie Bucknam “Bridge Controversy”


Abbie Dick “The Quilter”

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